Wooden Lotus Crystal Tray For Stones

PLEASE NOTE: Other accessories are not included.

100% new quality

Material: Wood

Size: 27*17*2.5cm

Display Crystals and Gems - Your crystals and favorite gems will finally have a place to admire.

Each part of the lotus creates space for crystals and gemstones of many shapes and sizes. Place it near your altar or crystal grid plate to create a space that can be activated.

The unique lotus flower design enhances its beauty by placing crystals in it. Keep your crystals in a safe and organized place so they are easily accessible and ready to use and enjoy.

MEMORABLE GIFT - A great gift for any occasion, this tray will hold your loved one's favorite items and serve as a wonderful reminder of your friendship. It has a variety of uses and is perfect for friends who collect, love jewelry, work with crystals, or enjoy rustic and natural decor at home.

Perfect for your nightstand - this container also doubles as a place to store your jewelry and other favorites. When you're ready for bed at night, put all your jewelry into a tray on your nightstand so you can wear it in the morning. It is also a beautiful decoration to put on the side of the bed.

Packing list:

1 * Wooden Lotus Crystal Tray

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