Witchy La Lune Moon Black Throw Blanket

Product Description:

 1) Dimensions: 100x120cm, 125x150cm, 125x200cm, 150x200cm

 2) All blankets are white colored with black satin trim

 3) Photo Collage Full Color Printing

 4) Machine washable and dries quickly

 5) High quality blanket, Super soft, Washable, Anti pilling


 1) Give warmth to friends and family members with a personalized touch in the shape of fleece blankets.  

2) With advanced technology and investment put into new machinery, we are proud to present you with wellsized blankets that can be fully customized.

3) Whether used as a lap warmer or snuggling in on a cold wintery night, these refined sizes are conveniently suited for indoor and outdoor 


1)Due to hand cut and hand controlled sewing , the size with bigger or smaller 1-3cm is permitted .

2)There are slight difference between the picture and the real item caused by light brightness

3) Our products are all customized products, the production period will takes 3 days, we will ship it within 7 days of the commitment period.

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