Wiccan Triple Moon Crystal Necklace

  • Pendant size: 45mm, come with 50cm stainless steel chain
  • Pendant size: about 37mm*51mm
  • Material : Silver 925

This seal Sigil of Hecate necklace is an handmade pewter sculpture of the triple moon on which i added tridents on the Horizon and in all directions. It is a mix of Hecate and Poseidon.

It is a symbol of power over everything based on the Quote of Themistocles: “He who commands the sea has command of everything.” Hecate goddess of the moon, Poseidon god of the sea. And we all know that the moon have great power over the tides of the sea. Tridents on all directions means power everywhere, and the phases of the moons are a symbol of ''always''.

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