Moon Amethyst Natural Stone Suncatcher


1. Crystal light-catching jewelry is made of K9 crystal, advanced cutting technology, flawless, good refraction effect

2. Durable, these light-harvesting decorations seem to be fragile and easily scratched, but they are actually very durable. They hardly become cloudy or tarnished.

3. The crystal light-catching jewelry gleams in the sun. As a light-catching ornament hung on a window, this light-catching ornament produces beautiful reflections. When sunlight shines from different angles, it will reflect different lighting effects.

4. Suitable for many occasions, such as Christmas tree decoration, parties, chandeliers, walls, baby rooms, cars, plants, curtains, balconies.

5. The perfect gift choice. The best gift for mom and your lover, wife, fiancee, girlfriend.


Product size: length: 400mm/15.7in

Product material: K9 crystal

Packaging: envelope bubble bag

Model: (A)Amethyst colorful beads circle, (B)Amethyst circle, (C)Amethyst AB colorful beads circle, (D)Amethyst circle full

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