Wicca Wooden Crescent Moon Shelf

Discover the most stylish moon shelf for any decor style: our moon art shelf comes in an elegant dark black color offering cozy and celestial vibes to any room theme, from modern and minimal to rustic, boho, and even witchy room decor!

Upgrade every space with a stunning shelf: whether you want a new kitchen art wall decor or some aesthetic decorations to step up your bedroom, living room, or even your office, our celestial wall decor shelf will be a great addition to any room!

Keep your crystals, cards, and trinkets organized: use our moon phase shelves as kitchen wood shelves for spices and herbs, as bathroom hanging shelves for towels, perfumes, and essential oils,

Put a smile on a lunar lover's face: whether it's for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion, our aesthetic shelves are the best way to show your love to a friend or family member that likes moon-related decorations!

Hand-crafted with love: your satisfaction is our goal! That is why our home wall decor shelf is remarkably crafted using high-quality wood an elegant wood texture that will upgrade any room you choose to hang it!

Great kids'room decoration: our unique wall shelf will help you create the most charming celestial decor for your little ones'room! You can even combine it with some more shelves and create a fantastic, moon-inspired accent wall where you can store your kids'toys!

Have the crystal display wall shelf of your dreams: give your collectibles, crystals, and gems the place they deserve! Our crystal shelf is what you need to keep them well organized while highlighting their majestic beauty!

colour: black

Material: wood

Size: 33x8x36CM

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